PatuLove Car Seat Poncho - Basic Pink
PatuLove Car Seat Poncho - Basic Pink
PatuLove Car Seat Poncho - Basic Pink

    PatuLove Car Seat Poncho - Basic Pink

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    The Patulove car poncho was created to ensure the safety of children while travelling during colder months in a car seat. Wrap safely, when it's cold outside!

    The BASIC version is the affordable version of a car poncho that fulfils all the functions needed to safely transport a child in a car seat.

    • Easy to put on, thanks to magnetic fasteners under the armpits, instead of press studs, which, when worn, fasten the poncho automatically.
    • Reflective two-way zipper.
    • Two layers of warm fleece - like a nice, warm blanket.
    • Reflective tapes sewn in to the magnets, making it easier to fasten and increasing the child's safety after dusk.
    • You can easily put your child in the seat by lifting the back of the ponchos - so the child's back do not heat up, as in the case of jackets.
    • The zipper allows us to fasten the seat belts and tighten them safely.
    • The poncho version without a hood - with a soft stand-up collar.

      While in the car, it can be used as a blanket and when it is warm enough it's easy to remove the poncho with one quick move.

      Putting it back on is just as easy and fun - and when your baby falls asleep in the car, it can be easily wrapped around the baby and taken home without waking up.

      Poncho for the seat in one universal size, dedicated for children from 2 to 6 years old, the length of the front zipper is 50 cm, the total length of the ponchos is about 60 cm, and the arm span is about 80 cm, so it can be used for a very long time. 

      a - 80cm

      b - 60cm


      The poncho is made of two layers of warm, fleece with a weight of 300g each, having the Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certificate. Machine washable and 30 degrees, the zipper should be closed when washing.