Mom's Care Sensory balls (set of 6)
Mom's Care Sensory balls (set of 6)
Mom's Care Sensory balls (set of 6)
Mom's Care Sensory balls (set of 6)

    Mom's Care Sensory balls (set of 6)

    • Sensory education: development of small motor skills, stimulation of the sense of touch
    • Playing through learning: a child playing with a ball learns to distinguish shapes
    • Many functions: sensory balls are used for fun as well as for massage
    • Accelerate falling asleep: a relaxed baby feels more comfortable and falls asleep faster
    • Safe for your child: they do not contain harmful phthalates and heavy metals
    • Perfect for a gift: the balls are packed in aesthetic boxes

    The set includes 6 sensory balls in different sizes, with interesting tabs.

    Did you know that:

    1. Sensory balls are designed to stimulate the child's sensory receptors. Expressive colors and varied texture are the elements that characterize Sensorky. Under 3 months of age, the baby, adapting to life outside the mother's belly, tightens the muscles that can be relaxed by performing a gentle massage with a ball, by guiding it on the back and legs of the baby or throughout the body. A relaxed child feels more comfortable, which speeds up falling asleep.
    2. By giving your child a ball directly into his hands, you develop his hand muscles. This form of play teaches you to control your fingers. To support this process, it is recommended to gently massage the fingertips with a ball.
    3. In addition, catching, rolling, throwing the ball improves the child's dexterity and coordination between conscious grasping and seeing.
    4. Sensory balls are also ideal for playing during the bath. Bathing is then associated with something pleasant. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to play stimulating sensory integration in a child.

    Our new set (6-pack) thanks to the varied texture of individual elements provides the child with a unique sensory experience. Rich colors develop the senses of our little ones, and diverse shapes and figures encourage creative play.

    Sensory balls will help you:

    1. relax the muscles
    2. stimulate circulation
    3. develop small motor skills
    4. speed up falling asleep.
    5. teach to distinguish shapes

    Select Polish product:

    Hencz Toys are a Polish, award-winning product compliant with the EN-71 standard and made of safe raw materials. Due to the fact that we produce each toy ourselves, we make every effort to ensure that the quality of production at every stage is as high as possible. Each product has the CE mark.

    1. Package size: 5 x 19.5 x 6 cm
    2. Age group: for children 0+
    3. Raw material: soft PVC,  do not contain phthalates and heavy metals
    4. Country of origin: Poland