LOVI Two-phase Electric Breast Pump Prolactis 3D Soft
LOVI Two-phase Electric Breast Pump Prolactis 3D Soft

    LOVI Two-phase Electric Breast Pump Prolactis 3D Soft

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    LOVI Prolactis 3D Soft - everyday effective support in care of the mum’s best comfort

    It’s perfect for mothers who are looking for a breast pump that will allow them to gently and efficiently express their milk so they don’t have to give up their plans.

    LOVI Prolactis 3D Soft has revolutionary 3D funnel which is closest to nature.

    Unlike classic systems, not only suckles but also presses the nipple.

    3D funnel surrounds and evenly presses the nipple, working in multiple dimensions at the same time, just like a baby’s mouth and tongue do.

    The even and gentle pressure stimulates prolactin’s secretion, the hormone responsible for milk production, causing milk to flow out quickly and naturally, without discomfort.


    • Revolutionary 3D funnel – closest to nature3D funnel not only suckles, but also presses the nipple, working just like a baby and causing the milk to flow out naturally 

    • Quick - Without worrying about the amount of milk for baby – can express up to 100 ml of milk in 10 minutes

    Quiet -  Allows for discreet pumping in all conditions, also when the baby is asleep or at night
    • Two-phase - Expresses milk in two phases
      •stimulation imitates the baby’s quick movements to stimulate milk flow
      •deep pumping reflects efficient milk intake

    • Adjusting level of power to mother’s needs - 

      9 power levels in stimulation phase. 9 in the pumping phase. Total of 18 levels


    • Easy to wash - small number of parts
    • Mobile -  Built-in rechargeable battery provides 3 pumping sessions on a single charge and can be also charged via USB e.g from powerbank
    • Backpack - Convenient storing and carrying 


    • Breast pump body

    • Silicone 3D funnel (2 pcs)

    • 3D funnel holder

    • LOVI Medical+ Bottle 150 ml

    • LOVI Dynamic miniSoother 0m+

    • Sealing disk, screw ring and feeding cup

    • Adapter

    • Bottle stand

    • Plug

    • USB cable

    • Tube

    • LOVI Discreet Elegance Breast Pads (samples)