Fine Silk face cleansing sponge
Fine Silk face cleansing sponge
Fine Silk face cleansing sponge

    Fine Silk face cleansing sponge


    The Fine Silk Sponges cleanse the skin without irritating, removing perfectly impurities, pollution dirt and make up, even from the delicate eye area.

    The small pore structure takes away dead skin cells and make up and dust residues, leaving a pleasant freshness sensation.
    Sea Sponges have naturally Hypoallergenic and Antiseptic properties and, if kept properly, don’t develop mold or become smelly. They are a highly igienical beauty accessory.

    Recommended for: Make up removal and face cleanse, especially for oily skin.

    Benefits: their softness purifyes the skin without ever irritating the dermis, as often may occur with synthetic sponges. Natural Sea Sponges have multiple purposes and uses:

    • Make up removal
    • Daily pore cleanse
    • Subcutaneous blood flow stimulation
    • Skin regeneration for a better colour tone

    Use/After Use: Rinse well after under running water and let dry in a well ventilated place. The soap/cleanser residues inside the sponge may damage it before its normal lifetime. You can use the sponge as well with micellar lotion or an oily eye-makeup remover, just remember to rinse it well with soap.
    We recommend to to leave the sponge to soak in lukewarm water with a teaspoon of baking soda every 3 months, to deep wash it and make it look as new again.