Thermal Sport Cup with Silicone Straw 300ml - Pink
Thermal Sport Cup with Silicone Straw 300ml - Pink

    Thermal Sport Cup with Silicone Straw 300ml - Pink


    Thermal Sport Cup is a perfect companion for walks and travels. It maintains temperature of the liquid. Equipped with a practical strap that allows your child to hang it around their neck. 

    Easy to open at the click of a button. Stainless steel of which the cup is made is resistant to damage.

    The soft silicone straw facilitates easy drinking. 

    • BPA freeBPA free
    • Suggested age 12m+Suggested age 12m+
    • Dishwasher safeDishwasher safe

    Additional info:

    The product is not intended for serving hot or carbonated liquids. Max. liquid temp: 40⁰C

    Capacity 300ml.

    How to use:

    Keep the product clean. Prior to first and every subsequent use, wash the cup and its elements in warm water with a mild baby detergent then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pour boiling water over it. Do not boil. Avoid rough, scratchy tools. After use, clean the body, straw, spout, gasket and screw cup from drink residues, rinse and then thoroughly wash. The Sport Cup can be washed in a dishwasher (max. temp.65⁰C). It is not recommended to wash the straw, spout or gasket in a dishwasher, as detergents may cause damage to this elements. Do not use in microwave ovens. The product must not be placed in a preheated oven or heated on a gas or electric stove. Hard water, fruit juices or teas may leave deposits or discolourations on the tube and mouthpiece, but will not alter their properties. Dense liquids (e.g. juices with fruit particles) may clog the tube. The product is not intended for serving hot or carbonated liquids (max. liquid temp. 40⁰C). Do not sterilize in steam sterilizers. Check the product before each use. In case of first signs of damage or wear - discard. The product may be damaged by dropping.