Tari Octopus - White Noise Toy
Tari Octopus - White Noise Toy
Tari Octopus - White Noise Toy

    Tari Octopus - White Noise Toy


    The octopus toy from Mom's Care 

    • Supports sensory education 
    • Simulates with humming sound
    • Adapts an infant to a new environment
    • Provide sleep aid thanks to built-in Cry sensor
    • Packed in a box which makes it perfect for a gift.

    The soft, fabric octopus with humming sounds from Mom's Care was created with the youngest in mind. Pastel, grey or pink cuddly toy emits sounds that your toddler heard while still in your belly. They have a calming and relaxing effect on the baby. Thanks to them, the baby develops better, is calmer and falls asleep easier and faster. The baby grasps the umbilical cord while in the belly. The octopus's tentacles are to remind him of it. When you rub an octopus against your skin and put it next to your baby, you will make him feel safe and comfortable.

    We use safe fabrics of various textures to sew your toddler's first cuddly toys. Thanks to this, the child gets to know the world and stimulates the sense of touch. We also do not forget about the proper development of the sense of sight. At the very beginning, our children do not see colours and do not distinguish shapes, so we should choose toys that are primarily visual stimuli. Therefore, white cotton with black dots appears in the tentacles, which is seen by the baby in the first days of his life. The toy is equipped with a Cry Sensor, a sensor that reacts to sounds and activates the toy when it recognizes the baby's crying. The device simulates the noises for about 30 minutes.

    • Size: 10x27 cm
    • Age group: for children 0+
    • Raw material: fotte, cotton
    • Power supply: 3x AAA battery (not included)