Silicone Bedside Lamp - Panda
Silicone Bedside Lamp - Panda

    Silicone Bedside Lamp - Panda

    Designed for mum's needs and babies joy, ideal for any nursery! Make your baby feel safe during bed time with warm, gentle light from their new Panda friend. The Panda lamp is soft to touch and squishy. Made from safe silicone, if squashed and cuddled it will always revert back to its original shape. Mums can use it too to light up the room for night time nappy changes or feeds, without the need to use harsh, full beam light.
    Switch the lamp on and off with a gentle tap, tap again to change the colour of the light! If you tap and hold for 3 seconds, the light will stay on for 2 hours and automatically switch off. 
    No need for bulbs as it's USB chargeable (USB cable included) and a full charge lasts between 12-15 hours. 
    The Panda Lampa comes in gorgeous packaging too and makes for a lovely gift for mums and babies.