Night Light - Pink Paw
Night Light - Pink Paw

    Night Light - Pink Paw

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    Paw lamp is a great accessory to make night time care painless. The lamp reacts to touch, the first tap activates a gentle light, the next tap will increase the light slightly, with the third tap activating the full brightness. The fourth and final tap will switch off the lamp.

    The lamp comes with a hole at the back to hook it up on the wall or elsewhere if needed. It also has a magnet inside therefore can be attached to metal surfaces (the set includes a metal slate which can be adhered to flat surfaces). This option will let your older babies feel more secure at night if the lamp is places near to their bed & they can turn it on whenever needed to feel safer or even light up the route to the parents’ room or to the bathroom.

    The lamp will automatically turn off after 2 hours and it only needs to be tapped gently to switch on again. It does not require any batteries as it comes with a USB charger included.

    Size: 14 x 13.4 x 3 cm

    Also available in BLUE