Moonie the Humming Bear - Silver
Moonie the Humming Bear - Silver
Moonie the Humming Bear - Silver

    Moonie the Humming Bear - Silver


    The ultimate sleep aid, that grows with the child and responds to changing needs.

    According to pediatric research white and pink noise helps babies:

    • fall asleep faster
    • sleep longer
    • cry less
    • calm down more quickly
    • build proper sleep routine
    • overcome colic

    5 natural soothing sounds to choose from:

    • womb/heartbeat 
    • wind
    • deep ocean
    • sea waves
    • rain

    The night lamp:

    • Gentle glow reminds babies the conditions from mother's womb.
    • Moonie's flashing belly lets your baby go through bedtime fears.
    • Moonie's calming light helps to build sense of security.
    • Colorful lights are a lot of fun for toddlers.
    • LED light is safe and doesn't warm up.

    Designed with care:

    • Smart Cry Detector: after 30 minutes of emitting soothing sounds, the device goes to standby mode and activates the sound again when baby starts to cry.
    • Gentle lullaby: calming lullaby was composed specially for newborns
    • USB rechargeable: Moonie is ready to use straight away, no batteries required. The USB cable provided in the box.
    • Easy to use: You can turn the device on/off, adjust the volume level, and change the soothing sound just by pressing the Moonie's belly.
    • Sensoric granules: little granules placed in Moonies hands stimulate the baby's sense of touch.

    Machine washable at 30 degrees (DO NOT forget to remove the humming unit from Moonie's belly!)

    From the very first day


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