Lullalove Sharp Coconut Body Brush with a Handle
Lullalove Sharp Coconut Body Brush with a Handle
Lullalove Sharp Coconut Body Brush with a Handle

    Lullalove Sharp Coconut Body Brush with a Handle

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    A unique, professional body brush with coconut fiber - sharp, but gentle to the skin. The coconut fibre provides a feeling of a "strong" massage, but with the fibre being so elastic, it doesn't scratch and exfoliate the skin too much.

    Its unusual shape makes it easier to brush the back, it's the perfect shape for the thighs and waist brushing. The long handle ensure you can easily reach the back or feet. It's extremely convenient to use.

    Using our dry body brush regularly improves blood circulation, supports metabolism and lymphatic drainage. It relieves tension, helps to fight water retention and swelling. It will improve skin's elasticity, reduce the appearance of cellulite, help stimulate the immune system and even improve your mood.

    Made in the morning - it stimulates, in the evening - relaxes. Important - the lymphatic system is superficial, gentle, sliding movements are enough to bring the effect. Do not press down the brush, never scrub the skin in one place.

    How to dry brush your skin?

    • use a long sliding motion from bottom up - movement direction must always go towards the heart (lymph flow)
    • brush your legs and hands as if you were sweeping the floor :) For your stomach and joints (e.g. elbows, knees, hips, wrists and ankles) use gentle circular movements
    • pressure depends on the thickness of skin in the massaged area - go gentle around the neckline or under the arms
    • NO balms or oils should be used for the massage

    How often to dry brush your skin?

    • ideally before each bath/shower, but we understand that's easier said than done for busy mums, so try at least 3 times a week
    • After the first 3 or 4 brushes you will see and feel your skin getting smoother
    • Do not put too much pressure on the brush and do not scrub skin in one place, gentle sliding movements are enough for effective body brushing

    What are the dry brushing benefits?

    • releases tension - especially when brushing neck and shoulders
    • reduces swelling
    • helps to relieve joint pain
    • firms and smooths skin
    • works great on still fresh red stretch marks to reduce their appearance
    • improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system 

    Material: beech wood handle, coconut fibre

    This brush is suitable for dry body brushing, the wooden handle should not be washed or soaked with water. Wetness may cause the wood to crack. For wet body brushing, we recommend our  body brush with handle.

    Note: A brush may lose some fibre at first, this is normal and it will have no impact on the effect of body brushing.


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