Lullalove Professional Face and Neck Brush - Natural Bristle
Lullalove Professional Face and Neck Brush - Natural Bristle
Lullalove Professional Face and Neck Brush - Natural Bristle

    Lullalove Professional Face and Neck Brush - Natural Bristle

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    What makes the perfect face brush? It must be gentle enough for the delicate skin of face and neck, but effective in stimulation blood circulation.

    Face brushing is not about scratching the skin, it is about supporting blood circulation (slight redness), proper lymphatic drainage and very gentle exfoliation.

    Benefits of facial brushing:

    • improvement of blood circulation
    • cleansing the skin
    • improvement of skin firmness
    • relaxation of facial muscle tension
    • lymphatic drainage.

    Insufficient lymph drainage shows as swelling around the eyes, cheeks, neck or collarbone.

    How to brush the face and neck?

    Wash the skin and adjust the pH, e.g. with a hydrolate. Pat the skin dry gently with a towel. Make gentle, gliding movements from the center of the face outwards. Going from bottom to top. The movements can be straight or circular. Brush your neck from the centre of the chin, along the jawline outwards and under the ears, down towards the collarbone.

    Do not rub in one place, do not put pressure on the brush. Be careful around the eyes and avoid the bristle coming close to the eyes.

    How often should you face brush?

    It is recommended to brush the face maximum 3 times a week. For sensitive skin - once a week. Brushing is not intended to work as exfoliation, but it does partly exfoliates the skin as well. It is not an ordinary facial massage.

    How long should you brush your face for?

    About 1-2 minutes is enough for the face brushing.It is the regularity that counts, not the time of a single brushing session.

    The brush is also suitable for neck, cleavage and bustbrushing.

    When to avoid brushing the face?

    In case of severelyirritated skin, open wounds, active acne.Always avoid brushingany raised moles.

    How to clean the face brush?

    This face brush is designed for dry brushing. As a personal care item, it should be used by one person and should be replaced every 6 months.

    To disinfect if necessary, you can use a skin antiseptic spray (wound spray).You can also wash the bristles with shampoo, do not wet the frame and leave the brush to dry with the bristles down, not on a radiator or any other heat source.

    The brush is a personal hygiene item. It should only be used by 1 person and replaced every 4-6 months depending on wear.

    Material: horse hair and solid beech wood handle. Packed in a cloth bag.

    Some bristle may fall out with the first use, this is normal - it is very thin hair that couldn't be removed during the production stage. It will not affect the quality and effectivity of the product.

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