LOVI Breast Milk Storage Bags
LOVI Breast Milk Storage Bags
LOVI Breast Milk Storage Bags

    LOVI Breast Milk Storage Bags


    Breast Milk Storage Bags are an excellent protection for what is most valuable, i.e. mother's food. It is a safe and hygienic way to protect mum's milk for longer. Thanks to the tight, double closure, they are perfect at home but also for traveling and the profiled nozzle makes it easy to pour milk from a bag into a bottle. From now on, storing milk will become much easier.

    Pack contains 25 breast milk storage bags x 200 ml

    • Convenient profiled nozzle: convenient and easy milk pouring from storage bag to bottle
    • Sterile bag: ready to use right away
    • Tight, double closure: double closure of the bag prevents accidental spilling of milk
    • Space for notes
    • Readable, visible scale, capacity up to 200 ml
    • Can be stored in a fridge or in a freezer

    How to store food properly?

    Mom's milk is the best food you can give your baby. If you want to keep your food longer, you can use LOVI food storage bags. This is a safe and hygienic way to store your baby's food.  Always write the date of pumping on the bag with the food you have pumped. If you want to freeze the milk, do so immediately after expressing.

    • You can keep the milk you have pumped at room temperature of 21 degrees to 12 hours.
    • If you put it in the fridge, it can be kept at a temperature of 3 to 5 degrees for 2 to 5 days.
    • In the fridge freezer, at -10 degrees, you can store food for up to 2 weeks, and in the freezer at -18 to -20 degrees to 6 months.

    How to defrost the food?

    Remember to defrost milk in the order of the earliest frozen portion, this is why it is so important to record the date of the suction. To thaw milk you can leave it in the fridge for 24 hours or thaw it in the bottle heater. You can feed your baby with thawed milk within 24 hours. Do not freeze the already thawed food again.