Funkybox - Denim Tiger

    Funkybox - Denim Tiger


    Funkybox is a super convenient, stylish way to keep wet wipes tidy. Easy to open and close, your wipes will never dry out!

    Lightweight, yet robust, Funkybox is a great way to carry wipes.

    A product that you will use from birth through to toddlers and beyond. The perfect investment for baby and you!

    Our boxes are made with non-toxic Polypropylene plastic, which is a recyclable plastic.

    Standard wet wipes will fit your Funkybox To Go, with or without their plastic pouch. Simply place them in the Funkybox To Go (the base fits securely but detaches easily for access) Press the button to open the lid to dispense individual wipes as and when you require.

    Funkybox To Go, also has a bigger brother, the original Funkybox, perfect for use round about the house. Why not coordinate your look?