Early days care set
Early days care set

    Early days care set


    Newborn care

    You are about to become a Parent or already are one. You don’t know which products to choose to care for your Little One. How to do it properly? Here is the answer.

    Clean what’s dirty

    Put a cream on a clean and dry baby’s bum each time you change the nappy

    When you feel like hugging – oil the dump skin after a bath

    When the skin is dry – apply some face and body cream

    Our set meets all the care needs of your Little One to help you find some extra time for more important stuff. Like sleeping, for example. 😊

    The set includes:

    • Natural face and Body Cream with Apricot Kernel Oil
    • Natural Nappy Cream with Hemp Oil
    • Natural Soap with Rice Oil
    • Natural Body Oil with Poppy Seed Oil
    • Natural Body and Hair Gel with Sweet Almond Oil