"Beautiful toy, nightlight and white noise machine"
Customer: Kimmi

Soft and cute looking Moonie Bunny has a discretely hidden module inside its tummy which makes it very safe for you your baby to play with. Thanks to the hidden device, bunny produces calming light and the soothing Sound Effects of Nature that assist restful sleep.

"It is a perfect gift idea.
The babies will love this toy, and it is great assistance for parents too."
Customer: Vanessa_A

The humming friend is extremely supportive in the evening rituals of falling asleep. The calming light in the bunny's belly is not too bright but it catches your baby's attention easily.

Why Moonie Humming Bunny?

Moonie combines a cuddle toy with pre-recorded, natural pink noises, an intuitive cry sensor & a night lamp with 7 different shades. Gentle glow reminds babies the conditions from mother's womb. Moonie's calming light helps to build sense of security and lets your baby go through bedtime fears. The lamp is not only a great comforter for the babies but it can also be practical for night feeds and it is LED which means that it is completely safe as it does not heat up.

Multitasking device with an intelligent cry sensor!

According to pediatrics' research white and pink noise helps babies to build proper sleep routine, sleep longer and calm down more quickly. As soon as the baby wakes up and starts crying, the sensor detects it and triggers the safe, natural pink noise and calming warm light. It is environmentally friendly too, as it is equipped with a USB charging port and requires no batteries. Full charge lasts up to 8 hours!

Soothing natural sound effects safe for babies

The sounds of MOONIE's bunnies are real recordings of natural environments, not computer generated noises. The natural pink noises differ from white noise as they are based on low-frequency signals with the high frequencies conserved at a safe level, therefore the sounds of the MOONIE are not only pleasant to listen to but they are also safer than other regular white noise machines.
5 natural soothing sounds to choose from:

  • womb / heartbeat
  • wind
  • mountain stream
  • sea waves
  • rain

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Moonie the Humming Friend - Powder


Moonie the Humming Friend - Cream


Moonie the Humming Friend - Cloud


Moonie the Humming Friend - Sky


Moonie the Humming Friend - Silver


Certificates & Safety

The Moonie toys are made with certified top quality, soft touch fabrics and they comes with several safety certificates such as OEKO-TEX. The bunnies have also been tested by the Swiss SGS laboratory and comply with Directive 2009/48 / EC on the safety of toys which makes them suitable from the very first days!

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