8 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A Baby Shower is such a special occasion! The gift of bringing a new life into the world is one unlike any other, so you’ll want to give ‘Mum & Dad’ a gift unlike any other!

Here are some of our favourite baby shower gift ideas, helping you to select the perfect gift or create your gift list:


  • Baby Sleeping Nest

What’s the best present you can get for a new parent? Sleep!

Give the gift of sleep with the Baby Sleeping Nest!

With the baby sleeping nest, parents can tuck their little one in anywhere, and rest well assured knowing that the baby is safe. Baby Sleeping Nests can be used in cots, on sofas, in bed, on the floor, in a basket - pretty much anywhere that baby will go to sleep! Shop here...


  • Moonie Humming Bunny

As much as we all wish putting baby to sleep was as easy as putting them in a comfortable space, sometimes babies require a little more. And this is where gifts like the Moonie Humming Bunny come in.

The Moonie Humming Bunny is an adorable snuggle toy that incorporates natural pink noises, a night lamp, and a cry sensor. The Bunny is designed to remind baby of the sounds and lights that they would see in mothers womb, helping to calm them to sleep.

The Humming Bunny is 100% snuggle proof and safe for baby to use all night long! Shop here...

spoiltland moonie bunny


  • Light Bamboo Swaddle Blanket

Another amazing method for helping newborn babies sleep is swaddling. Babies have a natural startle reflex that often wakes them up. Swaddles can help to prevent this reflex, while at the same time imitating the touch of mom, helping newborns to sleep better.

Our Light Swaddle Blanket is made from Bamboo, designed to protect sensitive skin and regulate temperature. Soft, absorbent, and natural, this blanket makes the perfect gift for baby and a tired mummy! Shop here...


  • All Year Bamboo Blanket

Of course, the car isn’t the only time that baby will need a blanket. This Lullalove Bamboo Blanket is the perfect gift for any time of year. Made from a combination of cotton and Bamboo fibre, this Scandinavian style blanket is light, soft, and hypo-allergenic. It’s also anti-bacterial and UV resistant!

The All Year Lullalove Bamboo blanket is the perfect gift for any season - and is especially a great gift for families that are eco-conscious. Shop here...



spoiltland Memi blankets


  • Pram Toy/Activity Spiral

The Pram Toy/Activity Spiral makes the perfect gift for any baby shower. These toys can be attached to almost anything including car seats, playpens, and strollers. Not only do Activity Spirals make for excellent entertainment but they also help to aid in baby development. This simple but universal toy can help aid in developing a baby's vision, tactile senses, and hand eye-coordination. Shop here...

baby pram activity spiral


  • Car Seat Blanket

Putting a baby in any type of thick, puffy clothing in the car seat can be dangerous. That’s why many parents choose the option of a car seat blanket instead of thick coats or suits. The Baby Wrap Car Seat Blanket helps to keep babies comfortable in cooler weather, while at the same time keeping them safe in the car.
Gift the gift of comfort and safety with a Car Seat Blanket. Shop here...

Spoiltland Baby shower


  • DouDou Comforter

There’s nothing more comforting to a baby than the smell of mum. Unfortunately, mum can’t be there all the time. Luckily, when times like these arise, there are toys like the DouDou Comforter to help give baby peace of mind that mum is close.

Made from bamboo and/or linen, this toy is not only cute, but it also absorbs the smell of mum so that baby can feel comforted when she’s not around.

Of course, these toys are also safe for pulling, chewing, and sleeping! Shop here...

Doudou newborn comforter 


  • Contrast Toys

Did you know that until they are about three months old, new-born babies can only see black and white? Colour toys are great for babies, but the best toys for new-borns are simply black and white. Black and white toys (also referred to as contrast toys) help to stimulate a baby’s vision while at the same time lengthening their attention span and engaging them in gross motor play. Shop here...


Say it with Spoiltland and gift them something to remember.

Let us know, in the comments below, what you believe should not be missed on the gift list.